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Lifting the SkyI am delighted to announce the launch of my redesigned website! This blog will address an array of topics and provide readers with the opportunity to contribute to the discussion. I am also very pleased to announce that I will be conducting a 2-part workshop on Shamanic Journeying on April 12th and 19th at the Buddhist sanctuary of Gainesville Karma Thegsum Choling, FL.

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  1. Delainie says:

    Hello Anne,

    I just wanted to let you know the workshop this past weekend was amazing. I went home and continued on my journey and had an amazing journey on Sunday. I hope to tell you about it next weekend. It was a very active journey, that is for sure. I hope you will share with us some of your journeys as well. I noticed afterwards we didn’t get a chance to share any of your journeys. See you next weekend! Love the website!

    • annebmorgan says:

      It would be wonderful if you could share your journey with the whole group at the workshop on Saturday. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it. And so glad you like the website, Delainie! Happy journeying and Happy week!!

  2. Julie Danowski says:

    Hi Anne,
    Thank you so very much for your workshop. I found it very enlightening and at times incredibly amazing. I loved the temple and the way you taught. I’m sure my husband would agree, but I’ll let him tell you himself. I’m seriously interested in further classes with you. I am open to anytime on the weekends, and would consider weekday afternoons as well. I will leave to you what the most logical next step would be to what we have already learned. Please keep me in the loop! Your new friend, Julie

    • annebmorgan says:

      Dear Julie,
      So glad that you both had such insightful and healing journeys. I am sure your journeys inspired other participants as well! Having my website now fully functional after it was hacked into, I just posted a blog about “Working with Your Power Animal,” a great next step for everyone who attended the workshop in April. The subsequent blog post will be about working with your Upper World Master/Guide Teacher, and then finally Middle World work. Once this series is posted, I will then consider dates for future workshops and let you know about them. Wishing you both great joy in the unfolding of Spring! With Joy!! Anne

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